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We work with multiple insurance companies. Please contact your 
insurance company to make sure you are covered for services at Heal Psychiatric Services. 
Paperwork: 25-50$
                       - School forms
                 - Letters ( Jury Duty/School/work/Service Animal etc.)
                       - Disability Forms ( Please know our practice does not 
                          do paperwork or recommendations for Long term    
                          Disability or Permanent Disability. In order to get paper
                          work for Short Term Disability, It is essential that you are
                         participating in an Intensive Outpatient Program or Partial
                          Hospitalization Program. We will help you get into one). 
Medical Records: 25-35$
                      - Medical Records will be faxed free of charge to
                        another physician, We usuallly draft a summary of
                        your treartment for a fee. 
No Show:     -  We don't double book your appointment, Please be
                           courteous to other patients and cancel 
                           24 hours before your apppintment as there are patients
                           waiting to be seen. For example for an appointment on
                          Monday at 9:00am, please call on Friday before 9:00am 
                          to cancel . If you miss an appointment
                          or forget to cancel it 24 hours in advance
                          there  will be a fee of  $75 for not showing up.
                          No Exceptions.
Cash Rates :    
                          Please contact our office for details.
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